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Meet the team

The editors of Songdo Stories are all volunteers.  

They share a passion for literary expressions, for Songdo as a smart city and for its growing multicultural community

Chantal FAURÈS

Songdonian since 2015, author of 'Lucky Smiley' and founder of Catchy Songdo, a community organisation connecting members' desire to use their talents  and their wish to give to local charities through individual fundraising projects. 

Dr Victor JATULA

Songdonian from 2017 to 2021. While living in Songdo, Victor Jatula was teaching journalism and media studies at the University of Utah Asia Campus.  He now lives in London and is a lecturer in Communication and Journalism at the Brunel University in London.

JUNG, Kyewon

Songdonian since 2012, publisher and translator of 'Lucky Smiley'.

KIM, Jeongsoon

Songdonian since 2011, editor and a lover of books.

Dr Scott Russell MORRIS

Songdonian since 2018, Scott Russell Morris is a professor at the University of Utah Asia Campus, where he teaches Writing and Rhetoric. You can find him online at

Anjali Ramakrishna

Songdonian from 2011 to 2019. Anjali is a Special Education teacher and teacher trainer. While living in Songdo, she taught conversational English as a volunteer at the Community Center and was an active member of Catchy Songdo.

Dr RHEE, Kyung Shin

Songdonian since 2010,  Dr.Rhee is a pediatrician.  She has a clinic in Songdo and in 2019 she received the Bridge Award from IFEZ for helping international residents feel more settled in Songdo.

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