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30th May 2023

Submission Guidelines

General Guidelines

Email your work to

Format your subject line as “Submission: [Genre],[Your Name], [Title of Work]”.

For example: "Submission: Memoir, Scott Morris, A Quiet Lunch at the Canal Walk”

As Songdo Stories is a bilingual community magazine, submissions are accepted in English or in Korean. It is published twice a year in June and December.  Submission dates are 3oth April and 3oth October of each year.


Please note that all work must be professionally formatted, edited, and typo free. In short, it should represent your best work, as pieces that need substantial editing are less likely to be selected for the magazine.

In the body of the email, please include:

  • a cover letter that includes a brief biographical statements (about 50 words) that starts with "Songdonian since or"  and that explains your association with Songdo, and any other information you’d like us to know. Please write at the third person.   Biographical statements and captions will be translated in English and Korean.

  • Your name will be written in its original language but if you wish you can add an English name.  

  • Please add your phone number.

Attach the submission as a file, following the guidelines below per genre. Feel free to add a picture or illustration with your story.

SELECTION AND PUBLICATION PROCESS​: submissions will be reviewed after the deadline.. Acceptances will be notified within 2 weeks. A limited number of works will be published in each issue. To ensure clarity, coherence and style consistency throughout the magazine, the editors of Songdo Stories might require you to cut/edit your work before it is finally published onto this website.

RIGHTS:  you own your work and we never do. We do keep your work in our archives online if we accept it. We will not remove it just because you decide you no longer like it or want someone else to have it instead.



Submit up to 3 poems at a time, preferred maximum of 40 lines per poem.

Submit all poems in a single document.

Documents must be in  pdf, or doc or rtf. 

Use 12-point, professional font.

Poetry should use whichever spacing is appropriate for the poem.

Single-spaced, left justified is the professional standard unless your poem requires otherwise.

Memoirs, Stories, and other Prose

Only one story/memoir per submission.

Maximum suggested word-count, 1200 words.

Documents must be in pdf or doc or rtf.

Use 12-point, professional font.

Prose must be double spaced and left justified.

Visual Art, Videos, Photography, Illustrations, or Comic Arts

Submit the work as 300 dpi jpegs or tifs.
Photography, Illustration, or Comic arts may be submitted as a series, but only one series per submission. Maximum of 6 images per series. Each image should be accompanied by a caption.

For each submission, please add a paragraph explaining your angle or comments about Songdo.

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